3.7 – Second World War, Part I

WWII overview

World War II in the Pacific

Operation Torch

National World War II museum, ‘America goes to war‘ 

PBS, The War, Japanese Internment and Japanese-American soldiers

Discussion Questions

What caused World War II, as a whole?

What arguments did FDR use to convince Americans that Nazi Germany represented a powerful threat to the United States?

Prior to Pearl Harbor, why did many Americans support an isolationist foreign policy? What are some examples of the strength of that isolationist sentiment?

How bleak did the Allies fortunes appear to be in early 1942?

What were some of the major contributions that the United States made to the Allied war effort from 1940 through 1943?

What were some of the ways the war influenced life on the homefront in the United States?

Why did Japanese internment occur? What are your thoughts on the decision of many Japanese Americans to serve in the U.S. military?


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