4.25 – Reagan & the 1980s


FTR readings for April 25

Miller Center, Ronald Reagan and U.S. Foreign Policy

James Hershberg, “Just Who Did Smash Communism?”

History.com, The 1980s

Joshua Green, “Reagan’s Liberal Legacy”


Discussion questions

Why did many Americans find Reagan to be a particularly appealing leader, especially in comparison to Jimmy Carter?

What were some of the major elements of Reagan‘s foreign policy rhetoric and actions?

How did Reagan’s foreign policy differ from the foreign policies pursued by the United States in the 1970s?

What role did Reagan play in ending the Cold War?

What were some of Reagan‘s most important beliefs and policies concerning economic issues?

What were some of the economic consequences of Reagan‘s policies?

What was the attitude of Reagan and his supporters towards the proper size and influence of Federal government? How effective was Reagan in implementing policies that followed through on those attitudes?

Who were some of the major figures in popular culture in the 1980s?


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